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Stay Active after 50! A gift to ourselves!

Stay active after 50

Stay active! Hitting the half-century mark shouldn’t signify a decline but rather a new chapter of our lives, full of potential and promise. For those who’ve crossed the age of 50, you might be curious about how to best prioritize your health and keep active to enjoy the many years ahead. Thankfully, there are many […]

The Password Reminder

The Password Reminder

The password reminder A No-Brainer tool to keep your passwords safe Or 7 reasons to keep your passwords written down in a safe place! The Password Reminder: A NoteBook to stay safe Today’s digital life means passwords for everything! Got a cooking app on your phone? You need a password! Have a Facebook, Instagram, or […]

The Day The Music Died

Theday the music die

The Day The Music Died ( You have that song in your head now right ? ) The day the music died Call me nostalgic, call me an “old man,” or call me whatever you like, but man, what happened to music since the beginning of this century? Is there any band on the run […]

Pet Articles in North America: A Growing Trend

dabadoo 20 off

About Pet Articles, did you know that as of 2023, a staggering 66% of U.S. households own a pet? That’s a sizable jump from 56% back in 1988, according to Forbes Magazine. We’re talking about a pet population that occupies 86.9 million homes! Oh, Canada doesn’t want to be left behind. About 60% of households […]

When the urgency to live hits you!

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When we are teenagers, the concept of urgency to live is unknown to us, even though, without realizing it, we are truly living in the present moment! We do things without thinking too much about the consequences, and more often than not, things work out. There may be more or less serious repercussions, but that’s […]

Artificial intelligence | Scary or promising?

Artificial Intelligence

With the artificial intelligence, we have just entered a new era! Similar to when television arrived, radios suddenly faced a crisis. What about the impact of the fax machine’s arrival during the 80’s! It marked a significant revolution, didn’t it? Yet, 40 years later, the fax machine finds itself in the same position as those […]

Do Not Call Me a Senior Citizen Anymore

Senior citizen walking

I am sure i am not the only one like this! When i see advertising with special for Senior citizens, I am about 99% sure, that i am not going to buy what this company offers me! Although I understand Marketing and i know they want me to listen. In fact it does excatly the […]