When the urgency to live hits you!

When we are teenagers, the concept of urgency to live is unknown to us, even though, without realizing it, we are truly living in the present moment! We do things without thinking too much about the consequences, and more often than not, things work out. There may be more or less serious repercussions, but that’s part of our learning process.

Aging is a natural process that everyone goes through. However, society’s perception of aging can sometimes be limiting and almost, in certain cases, condescending. The term “senior citizen” has been used for years to refer to older individuals, but it carries a sense of being old-fashioned and outdated. In this article, we will explore why this term is no longer suitable and why we should choose more respectful and empowering ways to address our elders. Let’s break free from the shackles of stereotypes and embrace a new perspective on aging.

The Triggering Element

The first time the term “Urgency to Live” struck me with full force was about 5 years ago when several friends of my friends died before they reached their sixties. These were people I had met just a few months prior, and suddenly, within a few months, illness took hold of them!

It made me reflect. But the real triggering element was when i decided to live in the countryside (I’m always proud to talk about “The Upper Country” as my home!). I was completely blown away by my new environment (this photo on the blog showing the valley is just a few steps away from my place).


During that summer of 2019, I was also surprised by the absence of my neighbors. For many of them, my new dream location was, for them, a place to spend weekends and have a peaceful retirement later on.

It is impossible to judge each person’s choice of life. Each person has different obligations, often caught up in work schedules and personal and professional commitments that constantly add up.


It doesn’t change the world, BUT…

So, it was truly at that moment, in the summer of 2019, that I understood the incredible luck I had. I work from home, which gives me flexible hours. I could also work from anywhere in the world.

Add to all that the discovery of the word “gratitude” (I know, I’m not the quickest haha), and you’ll have the urgency to live as a result!

What is my definition of the urgency to live?

The definition of the urgency to live for me will vary according to each person’s experiences. For example, someone who comes close to death on one occasion may possibly have this feeling much earlier in life.

Another person may have a fear of death, and that will also trigger this urgency. There are as many definitions as there are lived stories :).

Once again, I am fortunate that this feeling naturally appeared to me. I am not afraid of dying; I have never been seriously ill (although, a kidney stone for a man must feel like imminent death, right… Not to mention man flu, where the mortality rate is almost 100%… hmm 😉 …).

For me, the urgency to live is equivalent to the slogan of my website: “Live the present moment FULLY!”

I would obviously like to hear your opinion on this matter!  

And LIVE, damn it, LIVE!

This picture was taken in septembre, early in the morning

I did not expect that! Gratitude guys! Gratitude!


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